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Xavier runs a Siblings Program for brothers and sisters of children with disabilities that currently access Xavier’s services. The general aim of the program is to offer children aged between 7 and 14 the chance to be involved with other children who share similar life circumstances. Children participate in a diverse program throughout the year that incorporates personal development opportunities through general social activities.

Reasons for the Sibs Squad
The objective of the Xavier Siblings Program is to provide opportunities for Siblings to establish a peer support network, forge friendships, reduce isolation, build self esteem, and to share the joys and concerns of having a sibling with a disability while participating in enjoyable activities. The program develops leadership and mentoring skills within the group to help children in their family and community life and if required, to support the operation of a siblings network into the future.

What does the Sibs Squad do?
Members of the Sibs Squad meet on Sundays once a month. Activities are organised that have been chosen by the children, so the program in effect is run for the kids, by the kids.

Previous activities include kite making and flying, flag construction, trips to Wet N Wild, Laser force and Ten Pin Bowling to name a few. We also have an annual camp where we get to spend a whole weekend building friendships and having a go at some pretty challenging activities.

The program is run at no cost to families; however we do require that the siblings are provided with morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea for each outing. The activities take the siblings far and wide, so to accommodate all our families we meet for each outing at your nearest Xavier Office. From there, the children are transported by Xavier staff in Xavier vehicles to the location of the day’s events.

How does the Sibs Squad operate?
A siblings program has been running at Xavier since 2003 and has been funded in a variety of ways. Presently, the program is funded by Xavier through money from Disability Services Queensland.

The Sibs Squad Coordinator organises the activities and logistics of each outing and coordinates with staff to implement the program each month. Our staff are experienced support workers who work within Xavier. We are not qualified counsellors or experts in emotional relationships; however staff have some experience in play therapy and team building. If during the course of the siblings program a need is identified for professional assistance in any given circumstance, there are a range of options available for the individuals involved. This program aims for siblings to have fun in a safe and supportive environment.

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To view all the photos of our sib squad outings.





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