Families and children receiving support from Xavier Children's Support Network have the right:

  1. To receive services and supports that meet their individual child's and family's needs.
  2. To receive services and supports that are flexible and can respond to changing needs of their family and child.
  3. To be the primary decision maker concerning the services and supports they receive.
  4. To be provided with appropriate information to empower them to make decisions regarding their family and child's needs.
  5. To receive services and supports in a manner that ensures their privacy, dignity and confidentiality is respected.
  6. To refuse any services or supports provided by Xavier or arranged through external resources.
  7. To seek the support of an advocate during any decision-making processes concerning the services and support they receive from Xavier.


Families receiving support from Xavier are asked to accept the following responsibilities:

  1. Actively participate in the coordination of supports for your family and develop care plans, which enables Xavier to provide the most appropriate supports.
  2. Acknowledge Xavier's compliance to Workplace Health & Safety legislation and be supportive in ensuring Xavier's staff are afforded a safe and healthy home environment in which to work.
  3. Meet accountability requirements when in receipt of individualised funding for the purchasing of equipment or supports.
  4. Ensure equipment on loan from Xavier is properly cared for and returned in good working order.
  5. Where applicable families are asked to contribute towards the costs of accommodation on the The Beachcomber Service, some nursing consumables and sewing items. Details associated with fees are available on request.
  6. Families participating in Beachcomber and structured respite services will be provided with additional family responsibilities and guidelines relating specifically to their service.
  7. If your child comes in contact with anyone who has a notifiable disease and the relevant Authorities have advised you of this, you should urgently advise your Keyworker, in-home staff or respite carer as appropriate.

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