Referrals to Xavier are made by contacting Xavier via telephone and requesting to speak to one of the Xavier Referral Officers.

Referrals can be made by the parents of the child, or persons already involved with the family such as a family friend, doctor, Social Worker or Charge Nurse, subject to the referral being made with the family's knowledge and permission. Xavier will not accept or discuss a referral if the family is not aware of the referral and/or has not given their permission.

At the time of referral to Xavier, the Referral Officer will complete a Referral Form which records in brief the circumstances of the child and family. If it is apparent that the child may meet Xavier's Eligibility Criteria a home visit will then be arranged by the Referral Officers so that personal contact can be made with the parents and child. This visit allows for the family circumstances and needs to be better understood, for eligibility to be further ascertained and for the family to ask questions and better understand the supports offered by Xavier.

Permission will be sought from the family at this time for the referral to be brought to the attention of the Xavier Team for further consideration.

Should the child being referred not meet Xavier criteria every effort is still made to ensure that other agencies and avenues for support and information are made available to the family in order to assist them to find the most appropriate service for their particular needs.

If the child meets the Eligibility Criteria, Xavier will allocate a Keyworker to contact the family and discuss the supports that are most appropriate for the family's needs and determine with the family an individualised Care Plan.

At times, it may be necessary for Xavier to maintain a waiting list for new referrals. A family on Xavier's waiting list will maintain contact with the Referral Officers until such times that there is availability to recieve full access to Xavier supports.


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