Vision Statement

To provide excellence in service provision through innovation and empowerment of families.

Mission Statement

To provide a network of services which supports and enables families of children with high support needs to maintain an appropriate quality of life for their children in a family and community environment.


  • That each child with a disability is treated with dignity and as a valued member of their comunity
  • That children with a disability have a right to and are best placed within a nuturing family environment
  • That each child with a disability has a right to reach their individual potential and an appropriate level of independence
  • That children with a disability have the right to participate in inclusive community activities available to all children
  • That each child with a disability and their family has the right and is empowered to make decisions concerning the services they receive


  • Family centred support practice
  • Inclusion in family and community is promoted
  • Natural family supports are valued
  • A flexible and individual support response is ensured Family integrity is protected
  • Family empowerment and responsibility must be strengthened

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