Xavier Children's Support Network is primarily funded through grants from (Department of Communities Disability Services). The grant is provided under the terms of a Service Agreement that outlines the agreed service outcomes for the year against the funding provided. This funding covers the costs of the majority of Xavier’s Services including support co-ordination, family-based respite, in-home support, brokerage, direct family payments, specialist support, Beachcombers, and equipment provision.

Xavier also receives funding from the HACC program for the provision of in-home respite and support co-ordination. This funding is also provided under a Service Agreement arrangement requiring a minimum data collection process. The funds are provided for a set number of families and children within specific HACC areas.

Children supported in alternate family placement are funded through the Department of Child Safety. Children have individual Service Agreements and funding packages that are developed within departmental guidelines.

Additional small amounts of funding for individual children and families are received through brokerage arrangements i.e. DSQ Family Support Program and other disability services. Funding received through applications to various funds e.g. gaming fund and financial institutions allows Xavier to purchase equipment for individual children or make additions to our equipment loan pool.

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