I have a child with multiple and complex disabilities and I really need some respite.  Can Xavier help me?

Xavier provides respite in several different and very flexible ways for families.
If you meet the Xavier Eligibility Criteria.(speedlink !) and you identify with your Keyworker that respite is important to you Xavier will do it’s best to provide a respite option that most appropriately meets your needs.
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What geographical area does Xavier cover?

Xavier supports families who reside within a 35 kilometre radius of Brisbane city.  There are two offices, servicing families who live on the north and the south of the river. In extenuating circumstances Xavier may choose to offer it’s services beyond this perimeter depending upon waiting list priorities.      [Back to Top]

Who can make a referral to Xavier?

Anyone can make a referral to Xavier.  Xavier Referral Officers generally prefer to hear from the child’s parent or guardian as this is the person who best knows what is needed to care for their child, however extended family, friends and professionals may also make a referral to Xavier after first seeking permission from the child’s family.

What happens after a referral has been made?

During the initial telephone discussion with the referral officer, if your child is likely to meet the criteria, or we are unsure, a time will be made to visit you and your child for an assessment.  The information collected at this visit will be presented at the next weekly team meeting for consideration against      [Back to Top]

Xavier Eligibility Criteria.  If your child meets Xavier’s criteria you will be advised as soon as possible. If your child does not meet  Xavier’s criteria, the referral officer will support you with a range of options about other agencies/organisations which may assist you.     [Back to Top]

What sort of help can Xavier offer?

Your family’s support needs will be coordinated by one of Xavier’s Keyworkers who work with you to develop a “package of support” to meet your identified needs as a family, and those of your child. 

 This may include providing your family with information, therapy or nursing advice. It may also include the provision of a number of in-home and out-of-home respite options for your child, or assistance with accessing equipment from Xavier’s equipment loan pool. Other aspects of support may include our popular “Beachcombers” Program, which aims to provide you with a holiday break as a family in quality accessible  accommodation, in addition to Siblings Programs, Kids Club and Camp Programs.     [Back to Top]

Who can I contact for further information?

The Xavier Referral Officer at either our north or south office is the most appropriate point of contact for further information about Xavier Services. [Back to Top]

I’m not sure I want people I don’t know coming into my home. How are such concerns addressed by Xavier ?

Xavier is conscious of the impact that workers such as our staff can have on your family. Your Keyworker is the primary contact within the organisation and will liaise with other members of the Xavier team as and when required subject to your specific need.      [Back to Top]

Is there any charge for the services provided by Xavier?

A few services (such as Camp, Kids Club and HACC funded respite activities) provided by Xavier attract a small contribution fee which is negotiable. The majority of services however are provided cost free.      [Back to Top]

How do I know Xavier will look after my child as well as I do?

Xavier personnel are focused on supporting your child in a manner appropriate to your family needs and requirements. This is personalised in your child's Care Plan which is devised between you, an Xavier Support Worker and Keyworker and reviewed every 6 months. In order to ensure we offer the best standard of service possible Xavier expects all its carers to hold a minimum certificate III level qualification in disability work and participate in annual skill and competency updates.      [Back to Top]

What if I am not happy with Xavier’s staff or the way Xavier operates?

You have the right to raise issues of concern with Xavier at any time. Our process for raising these issues and responding to them is detailed in our “Family Information Booklet” which is given to you at the time your child is accepted into the network. Additionally we have a formal Complaints Policy which allows concerns to be addressed in a fair, equitable and appropriate manner.      [Back to Top]

Your information says you support children between 0 - 16 years of age. What happens when my child turns 16?

Xavier is a support organisation for children and accordingly we have had to identify an age when services can no longer be offered. A year prior to your child turning 16 years of age your Keyworker will develop with you a “transition plan” which seeks to put into place alternative supports with which you can become familiar to replace those offered by Xavier. On your child’s 16th birthday your child “graduates” from Xavier and a new phase in the support of your teenage child can begin as they approach young adulthood.         [Back to Top]

Do we have to tell Xavier about other services we access ?

Yes. Xavier’s supports are built around an understanding of your family circumstances and needs. When other support is being received, Xavier needs to be made aware so we do not replicate supports, or act without consideration of other organisations involved.      [Back to Top]

If we are in receipt of Xavier supports and services can we still access financial assistance and support from other community services and government agencies?

Yes. Xavier services are not designed to replace any services you may already receive or become eligible to receive. Rather they are focused on complimenting the range of supports you may require from a number of community based organisations and government departments.      [Back to Top]

What are the different types of services Xavier can offer ?

Xavier’s services range from in home and out of home respite, to nursing support and advice, to coordination with other agencies, to brokering of funds, to weekend retreats for families. Essentially our goal is to offer flexible services and supports that are tailored to your family needs and will make a positive difference for you in the care of your child. We also provide assistance to access equipment and run activity programs such as Kids Club and Camps.      [Back to Top]

How do we access the services Xavier has?

Once accepted, access to Xavier services is established by liaison with your Keyworker who will work with you to establish a plan of supports to ensure the services you require are made available when needed.      [Back to Top]

How often will I have contact with my Keyworker?

The frequency of contact with your Keyworker is subject to your needs, circumstances and degree of support. Some families like to be contacted fortnightly, others twice a year. However your Keyworker is available to you during the week should you need to contact him / her.     [Back to Top]

Do you offer respite support at your facility?

Xavier operates from a home like base at both it’s Northside and Southside venues. These venues are essentially administration and service coordination venues and are not intended for use to provide services such as a respite. Xavier’s focus is on the provision of support in the community with a strong focus on community inclusion. Services such as respite are based within family homes in community settings.      [Back to Top]

I have a new born child with complex needs and I’m very unsure about some of the care aspects I need to provide. Can Xavier help me?

Yes. Xavier has a number of specialists such as Registered Nurses / Therapist who are experienced in a wide range of cares for children with multiple and complex disabilities. Our staff can offer support with in home training for such things as the use of feeding aids and equipment, the dispensing of medication and simple things such as making your child comfortable and caring for your child after surgical procedures.      [Back to Top]

I need advice on selecting the right bathing aid and wheelchair for my child . Can Xavier assist me?

Yes. Xavier employs Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists who act in an advisory capacity to professionally assess the equipment needs of your child and assist families to select and order the correct equipment from suppliers.     [Back to Top]

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