Xavier Children’s Support Network was incorporated under the Roman Catholic Church (Incorporation of Church Entities) Act 1994 (Qld) on 19 June 2003.  The Board of Xavier Children’s Support Network is established under its Constitution dated 5 June 2003.  The Board reports to the Roman Catholic Archbishop of Brisbane who also appoints all its members. The Board comprises of:

  • Family Representatives;
  • Persons from the community with relevant expertise; and/or
  • Persons considered suitable to participate in a Ministry of the Catholic Church and/or who represent community interests.

Under Xavier’s Constitution the Board is given the responsibility to “oversee the management” of Xavier Children’s Support Network and exercise all powers under the constitution except those reserved to the Archbishop.


The responsibility to manage is carried out through the Board’s governance of the organisation. Governance essentially provides strategic 'steering' of the organisation. To implement its decisions, the Board recruits a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) who manages the organisation within the parameters, strategies and policies it has set.


The structure of the organisation consists of the 2 regional offices, administrative staff and program areas that services both regions.

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